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Why Do I Need a Pet Sitter?

As a Veterinary Technician since 2008, I can say it is always best to trust your beloved pet to an insured professional. A pet sitter can recognize changes in your pets behavior, a possible emergency situation, administer medications properly, and understand their individual needs.

Boarding kennels can be a scary place for some pets. Puppies, high- anxiety pets, and seniors all have special needs that may not be best suited in a kennel setting. Some cats do not house well in a loud kennel, while other pets with medical needs require more attention. In home pet sitting can eliminate the stress and frustration that both pet and owner can experience when separated.

If you have a busy schedule, make it easier on yourself and your pet and allow us to stop in and go for a walk! It makes your drive home less anxious and your four legged friend can just focus on being happy to see you! We also do litter boxes for busy schedules too!

Trust an insured and bonded professional with your pet while your away. We would love to be considered your family's preferred pet sitter.


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