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Kirill almost dropped his glasses under the table at the word "to have". In Russian to have, so, I smiled to myself and nodded in agreement

- Good.

But learning a language with a croupier can be expensive, it would be better if he taught with strippers. At least it’s not cheap there, but the price is fixed, and here it’s like a card for me. Some, however, do not want to learn any languages for free. And why, my Leshka thinks, if in Turkish Antalya everyone understands Russian well anyway. When I start chatting somewhere in English or German outside of work, he immediately makes a grimace and pulls me back: “Alka, don’t be clever here.”

“Cut it off,” I politely asked the hip-hoper and clarified, just in case, “no less than

than two-thirds of the deck... please... please.

"I'm Jack," he held out his hand to me instead of cutting the deck.

I remained standing as I stood – with my left hand pressing three hundred and twelve cards, assembled into one heavy block, to the table, and with my right hand, holding out a rectangular red plastic to Jack.


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