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Is a dog walker really necessary for my dog?

Do you really think I need a dog walker? Isn't that just for inner city dogs? Surely, my dog is too rowdy- you simply couldn't handle him! These are just a few questions and comments we receive from inquiring new clients! While not a new concept by any means, dog walking in the Minneapolis southwest suburbs (Savage, Prior Lake, East Shakopee, West Burnsville) is a relatively new professional service. Check out our services at

At Preferred Pet Sitter, you can hire a dog walker on an 'as needed' basis or on a regular continuing rotation, we have clients of each type for our dog walking service! Once you commit to hiring a dog walker, we will come to your home and go over all of Fido's care instructions, your Veterinary Instructions directive, Client Service Agreement, insurance information and schedule. You will show us where Fido's leash is kept, if he needs lunch, tell us about how he does on walks in general and anything else we need to know! We can use your leash or ours, and we provide our own poo bags too.

At our appointment we will arrive to your home and enter through the access of your choice. Locate Fido and get him outside! We can go for the full 30 minute walk or we can cut it short if he's sleepy or tired too. If he's rowdy or excited, small or a big guy- we can take care of him. We see from small Chihuahuas all the way to Great Danes. Our dog walkers wear a walking belt for safety, we've got it covered on slippery ice or wet and rainy summer sidewalks. We will take a nearby route and snap a photo of Fido having fun for you to see. After his walk is over, we will return him where he's comfortable and send you an email before we let ourselves out. Our email will let you know if Fido went potty or #2, what he did on our walk and what our punch times were including a photo of him having fun.

When your return that evening, you may be able to make a few stops before running home for the night. Once you get home you should be welcomed by one satisfied pup! Fill out our contact form today to get your pup on the schedule and get started!

Nala McNeill working on her heal


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