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Pet Sitting Services for Vacations or Boarding

Included with each of our 30 minute visits are feeding/water filled, walk/playtime, litter box/potty pad care (if any), medication administration (if any), light house care, report card and email update at each visit. Also included within the provided rate is sales tax, transit use Scott/Dakota County tax, sitter mileage, pet sitting insurance and bonding. Each of our sitters are background checked, confidential, insured and bonded. We care for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, bunnies, fish, chickens, hamsters, and even rats! Feeding, watering, potty breaks, litter changes, and socialization are always customized to your pet's individual needs. We even have an app you can download for easier scheduling and account maintenance!

Our staff members are background checked, confidential, professionally trained and prepared for your pets individual needs. Read their bios in 'About Us' for more information.

How do you schedule my pets care?



In general, we can stop by within the time frame you need, and for puppies younger than 6 months we can set a specific time to arrive if you're working on potty training. Our time blocks are the following:


Mornings 7-9am    (Dogs + diabetic pets scheduled between 7-8am)

Late Mornings 9-11am

Midday 11-1pm    (Most popular for dog walking)

Early Afternoon 1-3pm

Late Afternoon 3-5pm

Evening 5-8pm    (Dogs + diabetic pets scheduled between 7-8pm)

As a schedule recommendation, most of our adult healthy dogs do great with twice or three times daily visits. We typically schedule these in the following time blocks of Morning 7-9am and Evening 5-8pm (with dogs being prioritized at 7-8am and 7-8 pm), with or without Midday 11-1pm or Late Afternoon 1-3pm. If at anytime your pet does not seem to be doing well with the schedule you chose, we can easily adjust this and add another visit with your permission.

For cats we recommend minimally once daily visits for adult healthy cats or twice daily visits for cats with medical needs. For our cat clients we can schedule in time blocks of Morning 7-9am and Evening 5-8pm (with cats being prioritized at 8-9am and 5-7pm), scheduling 'Anytime' is also an option. We can also schedule 'every other day' or any other special requests you may have.


Can you guarantee my sitters arrival?

Our scheduling software requires our pet sitters to check in on location and will measure their GPS coordinates, the same goes for when the sitter checks out. This system is closely monitored, checked over after each visit and sends an alarm to us if a sitter were to have any difficulty arriving. 

Do you work on holidays?

Yes we do work holidays! We schedule using the same time blocks as mentioned above. Please note that a single $20 fee is charged on all US federal holidays (this fee goes entirely to your sitter that day).

Will I always have the same sitter?

We hire employees and that keeps regular, screened people on staff, not independent contractors. As these people are regular employees, we must honor and encourage things like vacations, days off and other recreational activities. As with having days off, we do not guarantee that only one sitter is available for your sit. We will make every possible effort to keep to the minimum amount of sitters, but factors like late scheduling and working around time off may cause this to fluctuate. This is our way of guaranteeing your pet will have coverage -and- backup while you are away! Imagine if you worked for weeks or months without a break- it would be impossible! Lucky for us, the dogs and cats don't mind and many are happy to make new friends!

What is your cancellation policy?

As longtime pet owners, parents and locals, we understand that so many things can happen in life. Sick days, snow days, car won't start- hey it happens! We simply ask for a 2 hour notice of cancellation. At any time you can simply cancel through our system or app. Because life is unpredictable!

**Cancellation policy does not apply to new clientele during our busy seasons (Spring Break, 4th of July, Thanksgiving or Christmas). We require a 50% non refundable deposit to hold our schedule during these dates for new clients scheduling. This deposit is applied to their upcoming invoice. 

Should I tip my pet sitter?

Tipping is not required, however we do recommend tipping your sitters. If you would like our system can easily calculate a tip rate for your invoice.

Do you offer overnights?

We do not at this time offer overnights. After being in the pet care industry for over a decade, many of our clients have found 'round the clock' care is not necessary. We have cared for multitudes of dogs over the years and our above schedule has suited them all. For example, if you've ever come home late in the evening only to find your pet snuggled up on a pillow or in it's bed? Your pet will simply do the exact same thing while you are away. They naturally know when to go to bed and get cozy at home! 

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