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Dog Walking Services

Included with each 30 minute dog walk visit is lunch feeding/water filled, walk/playtime in backyard, litter box/potty pad care (if any), medication administration (if any), report card and email update at each visit. Also included within the provided rate is sales tax, transit use Scott/Dakota County tax, sitter mileage, pet sitting insurance and bonding. Feeding, watering, potty breaks, litter changes, and socialization are always customized to your pet's individual needs. We even have an app you can download for easier scheduling and account maintenance!

How do you schedule your dog walking services?

Our services are scheduled in two hour time blocks. We offer time blocks for dog walking at Late Morning 9-11am, Midday 11-1pm, Early Afternoon 1-3pm and Late Afternoon 3-5pm. Our most popular dog walk time slots being our Midday 11-1pm and Late Afternoon 1-3pm. You choose what time blocks works best for your schedule! 

Our schedule is fully customizable. You can schedule as needed, once in a while by putting a request in yourself. Or if you'd like a regular rotating schedule each week; whether its every weekday or every Tuesday, we can set our system up to auto rotate so you won't have to remember to schedule! The choice is up to you.

What about a young puppy?

We work with young puppies all the time! We understand you are working as a family team together to get a potty schedule on target those first few months. To start with puppies we try to accommodate specific times for them within the scheduling time blocks above until 6 months of age. Let us know what your preferred time is and let us help you from there!

Do you feed lunch?

Absolutely! We can discuss this at our initial consultation and make sure your favorite pupper gets a full tummy midday!

What happens during extreme weather?


We have an extreme weather policy that we follow very closely. In the summer time we watch for hot & humid weather with thunderstorms while during the winter we monitor wind chills.

Our summer limits are 90 degree with a shortened walk and anything over 100 degrees is no walk (a leashed yard break or backyard break only). Also watching for lightning or thunderstorms.

Winter limits are 0 degrees chill with a shortened walk and anything below -10 wind chill no walk (leashed yard break or backyard break only).


Each sitter evaluates the weather at each visit, and if they determine your pet to be in danger of either the above they will return to your home promptly. Any remaining time is supplemented with indoor enrichment and socialization. If any 'business' is left to do, the sitter will take short breaks outside. Clients are welcome to cancel at anytime if they feel the day's forecast will not suite their pet.


How can you guarantee my dog walker arrives?

Our scheduling software requires our pet sitters to check in on location and will measure their GPS coordinates, the same goes for when the sitter checks out. This system is closely monitored, checked over after each visit and sends an alarm to us if a sitter were to have any difficulty arriving. 

Will I always have the same dog walkers each day?

We hire employees and that keeps regular, screened people on staff, not independent contractors. As these people are regular employees, we must honor and encourage things like vacations, days off and other recreational activities. As with having days off, we do not guarantee that only dog walker is available all the time.  This is our way of guaranteeing your pet will have coverage -and- backup each day! Imagine if you worked for weeks or months without a break- it would be impossible! Lucky for us, the dogs and cats don't mind and many are happy to make new friends! This also happens to be great socialization for you dog.

Should I tip my dog walkers?

Tipping is not required, however we do recommend tipping your dog walkers. If you would like our system can easily calculate a tip rate for your invoice.

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