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Product Review: 3 Dog Toys We're Diggin Right Now!

I'm always on the search for the next puzzle toy for my dogs. I have an intelligent tough chewer girl and an average boy who I'll be honest when I say he's a little 'slow' sometimes. This allows us to have a wonderfully wide variety of dog toys for everything in between.

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snoop Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

Rocky my boy, is always difficult to shop for. He gets frustrated easily if I get something too difficult, but it can't be super easy either or I end up with a bored dog. So many times I've seen him just walk away. This causes a problem because then his sister grabs his goodies. The Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snoop Treat Dispensing Dog Toys (we've got blue) comes into play. We put dry biscuits in just to add a dash of difficulty. He knows something is in there, he can sniff it just so close. He can bit the edges and get the crumbles out piece by piece. Rocky knocks it around and flips it in the air, all while the Tuff Snoop keeps it's goods. For an easier level we can flip the bowl outward to make a standard Planet Dog ball.

KONG Widget Chomp

Olive is my tough smart chewer. She first mastered the basic Kong at 10 weeks. She wedges toys up against pieces of furniture to utilize as tools to get what she wants out of them. She shreds tennis balls, tears through antlers, and gobbles pizzle sticks in minutes. The KONG widget has given us multitudes of extra mental stimulation.

Jolly Pets Monster Mouth Dog Toy

He's mean, he's green and he doesn't let go off your cookies damn it! This green puzzle toy is one of Olive's favorites. We use hard biscuits, break them in two and stuff them in the far back of the monster's mouth. The teeth hold on to them and she can barely pry it open which keeps her for over an hour typically.

Check out our diggin' review below


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