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Wedding Day Dog Handler and Pet Sitter, More Common Than You Think!

Every year we get two to three requests for wedding day related pet care. The trend began 4 years ago, and was a surprising extension to my pet sitting business. It all began with a group of three small schnauzers whose entire family were going to be away at a wedding for the evening. I stopped in, took everyone for a walk and then fed everyone. They were all set for their family to come home.

Then the next year I walked this handsome fellow in the picture down the aisle for his mom and dad. Hunter the Service Dog Sheltie arrived freshly groomed and dressed in his best to walk in the wedding party precession. He healed on my left perfectly down the aisle and sat sweetly next to me in the front row to watch his parents exchange vows. Afterwards he was ready for pictures and gave the greatest perked ears ever! My new title: Official Wedding Day Dog Handler- I was hooked!

That same year, I brought a sweet Corgi named Stella to see her mom and dad on their wedding day. They were thrilled to take pictures and celebrate their day with her. This year we're on track to pet sit for two separate brides before the year is over. Arriving at their homes, taking the pups for a walk and setting everyone up with a full tummy for the night. We then email you an update to let you know how everything did at that everyone is tucked into bed.

We know it's tough when everyone you know will be at your wedding. Trusted family and friends are happy to celebrate with you on your special day, so make it easier on yourself and them. Contact us with any questions or special arrangements. We'd be happy to Wedding Day Pet Sit for you or provide Wedding Day Dog Handler services- it's more common than you think!


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