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The BEST holiday gift guide for pets and their owners

Let’s face it. We all love to spoil our pets, and the holidays are the perfect time to really dote on our loved ones. Making informed decisions for our pets should be a priority and gift giving is no exception. Be sure to check the quality of a product and avoid items that are cheaply made, typical of most holiday themed items that you find in stores this time of year. That goes for food/treat and material items. For the health and safety of our pets don’t skimp on your gift selection. It’s always a great and rewarding practice to support local business so consider asking around to find some local artisans or boutique shops. If you are buying for another person’s pet, either take note or ask them what is important to them in reference to products they prefer. Some pets have special needs, like a special diet or don’t do well with certain toys. And, some pet owners have standards they like to meet or exceed when it comes to their pets. Our goal during the holidays is to give our friends and family meaningful gifts as well as make the best use of our budget and investment as possible. We compiled a list for you that is definitely sure to wow the pets and their people in your lives.

Get that dapper collar bowtie you have been eyeing up for your little guy like the ones found in this Etsy store:

And for the girls, an adorable collar flower to complement their cuteness. This Etsy store has lots to choose from:

What about that fancy pet blanket you have been eyeing up? Not only would your pet love the luxury but it matches your living room design perfectly. Why not customize it further by having it embroidered with their name? You can find them in many colors in this Etsy shop:

Everyone knows cats love (and need) to hunt. Why not help them participate in their favorite game with a cat teaser. It will definitely help burn off a little steam given our time is so consumed by the holidays. Check out these cool options in this Etsy store with nothing but cat toys to satisfy the wild side in your cat:

Raise your hand if you have a destructive dog toy chewer! Look no further; this Etsy shop is just for you:

Now what about a great treat to satisfy their desire for some serious goodies!? The cool thing about this treat store on Etsy is that all the treats are super healthy and can be fed to both dogs and cats:

Let’s not forget gifts for our small critter pets. In our family, the fish even get a gift under the tree! Check out these treats, beds, and toys for the “other” pets in your life.

Ferrets, hamsters, rats and more:

Turtles, dragons, iguanas, tortoises, and more:

Rabbits, guinea pigs, and more:

Now, lets talk about some awesome one of a kind gifts for the human pet lover in your life. There is nothing better than flaunting the love we have for our pets like sporting a cool dog tee or hanging a new custom pet portrait in our living room. If you prefer a more functional approach, an organizer or treat bin would make a great gift. With pet ownership at the highest it has ever been, there’s plenty of items to choose from that would fit any style and personality of pet owner in your life.

In this Etsy shop you can have a beautiful likeness created of you’re or a loved one’s beloved pets:

Who wouldn’t want to sport this uber cute dog tee? There are literally thousands of unique and comical sayings in shops found all over. You can find this one in the following Etsy shop:

We can all relate to that ever present nuisance of where to put our stuff. It’s no help that our pets also have stuff that needs a place. What better way to store collars, leashes, and even those messy toys than these two statement pieces in your mud room or hallway:

Personalized items make great gifts and any pet lover would love to flaunt them with their daily attire. You can have a ring, necklace, keychain, or set of earrings engraved with a quote or pets name on them like those found in this Etsy shop:

No matter whom you are shopping for during the holiday season, this compiled list of not your run of the mill gifts is sure to help you make a decision your family and friends will never forget. We hope these ideas spark inspiration and help you tackle your holiday list faster so you have more time to spend with the ones you love- even those with fins, fur, or feathers.


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