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How to Ease Your Pet’s Anxiety When Moving Homes

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Moving can be a stressful experience. Even if you use the services of top-notch moving professionals, you’ll have plenty on your plate as you’re undergoing a big life change. And if you have a pet, you must consider their well-being throughout the process as well. As creatures of routine, a change of environment can cause our furry family members anxiety. Read on for some practical advice from Preferred Pet Sitter on how you can mitigate your pet’s anxiety and help them settle into their new home.

Stay With Family or Friends

If you’re like a lot of people who are relocating, you’re trying to stick to a budget as you look for employment in your new area. If you have friends or relatives in or around your desired location, reach out about staying with them temporarily. This will allow your family to get your bearings and research homes in the area. Plus, maybe your friends or family will be able to show you around town! Just make sure your pet will be accommodated as well.

Hire a Sitter

Since the moving process can be especially stressful on pets, sometimes it’s better not to involve them at all. Consider hiring a pet sitter like Preferred Pet Sitter to keep your pet on moving day; that way, you’ll be able to focus on the tasks at hand knowing your pet is being cared for.

If your pet is showing symptoms of anxiety when you’re packing and moving items around the home, then you may want to hire a sitter before moving day. You can find qualified, reputable pet sitters in whatever city you may live in. When comparing sitters, consider the specific services they offer, the types of pets they typically watch, their availability, and the costs of their services.

Pack Your Pet’s Essentials

You and your family will likely be packing a box of essential items to help you settle quickly into your new home. The same logic should apply to your pet. Since you’ll want to establish your pet’s living space early on, it’s best practice to pack their essentials so that they’re easy to access. This includes their food and water bowls, food, treats, toys, favorite blanket, and any other items that will keep them healthy and comfortable during the move.

Also be sure to already know where nearby pet stores are located. You’ll need to be making that first trip soon enough for food and other supplies.

Set Up Your Pet’s Space

Remember that pets often struggle with a change of environment. The key is to create a sense of familiarity and comfort for your pet in the new home. The first day your pet arrives at the new home, set up their living space that includes their bed, blankets, a bowl of water, and toys.

If your furry friend is a backyard lover, allowing them to run around outside ASAP is essential. If your new home doesn’t have a fence around the yard, use a tie-down to constrain your pet for the time being, but do plan on installing a fence if you haven’t already. Finding reputable and experienced fence contractors near you is as easy as pulling up Angi online and searching by city or zip code. Be sure the professional you hire is insured and licensed, and ask for a detailed cost estimate before signing them up.

Keep Your Routine

Along with providing your pet with familiarity in a living space, try to keep as much of their everyday routine intact as you can. This may prove challenging; after all, you’re moving homes and will have a lot on your plate. However, the more consistency you can give your pet, the easier they will transition. Try to at least maintain potty times, feeding times, and play times.

Show Some Extra TLC

Finally, pour the love on thick. Even if you take all the necessary steps for keeping your pet comfortable during the move, they will probably still deal with a little anxiety. As hectic as your schedule may be, try to make time for belly rubs, quick games of fetch, and other opportunities to spend quality time with your pet.

When moving homes, it’s critical to consider the health and well-being of your pet. While pets are prone to anxiety during any major changes, the tips above can help you keep them calm throughout the process. And be sure to keep researching other ways that you can help your pet transition smoothly into their new home.

Would you like to read more helpful content or learn about our pet sitting services? Visit Preferred Pet Sitter or call 952-212-1673 today!


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