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Must-Have Apps for the New Dog in Your Life

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So, you've got a fuzzy new family member to welcome home! Bringing a new dog into your home can often feel like a daunting task. In fact, you probably have checklists of everything you need, from a comfortable bed to a strong leash. You may have puppy-proofed the house as best you can, but there's one area you may not have thought about: downloading the correct apps on your smartphone. There are plenty of amazing apps out there nowadays to make pet ownership simple. Here are some of our favorites.


whiskerDocs is an app that lets you chat directly with veterinarians whenever you have a question or concern about your new dog. Ask their experts questions about your dog's diet, potty training your puppy, flea and tick prevention, and anything else under the sun. Plus, it stores all of your pet’s information and past questions you’ve asked, making it great to have on hand should the same issue arise in the future. While chatting with a vet at whiskerDocs does not replace your yearly checkups with your own vet, this app is a great source of feedback whenever you need it quickly.


iKibble is a great resource for people looking to spice up their dog's diet. Did you know that incorporating fruits and vegetables into your dog's diet is good for them? That's right, the nutrients in fruits and veggies that make them beneficial for us can be beneficial for your furry friend, too. While moderation is key, iKibble can help you determine which types of foods are okay to share with your dog and which you should avoid.


For people who love dogs more than most other things in life, Say BARK! is a super fun way to take and edit hilarious pictures of your pets. This app lets you take pictures of your dog, edit them with filters and stickers, add a voiceover of your own making or one of their pre-recorded ones, and share your creation with friends and family.

Pawprint - Pet Health Tracker

The modern way to keep track of medical records, Pawprint gives you quick and easy access to your pet's medical history through their easy-to-use app. You can request your animal's records straight from your veterinary clinic and they'll be uploaded to the app, along with appointment reminders and quickly accessible contact information for your vet's office. Add other members of your family to the app and everyone will have reminders when it's time for a checkup.


All dogs benefit from extra training sessions, whether they're a puppy or getting up there in age. Puppr is a great resource for helping you train your dog yourself. It has a library of over 60 dog training videos, allowing you to pick and choose the areas you want to work on with your dog, or you can follow along with pre-made courses. You can track your pet's progress along the way, and they even have a built-in clicker so you can incorporate clicker training into your repertoire.

And if it’s been a while since you’ve been off the couch, find an app that gives you some “pre-made courses” as well. Apps like the LadyBoss Pocket Personal Trainer, for example, has streaming workout videos and exercise plans that you can use to get your body in dog-ready shape. That way, when your dog keeps going, you can keep up with the pace!

Make Sure Your Phone Can Keep Up

Unfortunately, many old phones struggle to run the latest apps, which means you may need an upgrade if your phone is out of date. The new iPhone 12, with its incredible camera and storage capabilities, is a very popular option. However, if you prefer Androids, the Google Pixel 3 is considered one of the best phones out there. Before making a decision, look for online deals on cell phones to bring that cost down. Phones aren’t cheap, so any discounts and savings you can find will make this investment a little easier.

Whatever areas you find yourself needing a little extra help with your new four-legged friend, there is probably an app for it. Just make sure your phone can handle all of these helpful little programs. Congratulations on your new addition; now, go have fun!

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