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Curbing Canine Boredom

Baby its cold outside! What to do with that rowdy pup on these long winter days? Consider a few games to play together to work your bond!

Puzzle toys are wonderful tools to use. You can purchase Kong brand , Busy Buddy toys, Jolly Pets Monster Mouth, and Nina Ottosson brands all make great puzzles! has some great options to consider as well. You can also create your own puzzles too, no need to purchase. Place some treats inside an empty cereal box and allow your dog to shred it for treats. You can also purchase PVC tubing with ends, cut into 4-7" lengths and drill some variety sized holes into it. Place treats into tube and cap the ends and you've got a puzzle! You can also add elbows and bends to heighten difficultly. Add even more difficulty levels to these puzzles by alternating treats with peanut butter or pumpkin puree, and even more so by freezing these options! Make sure to rotate so your dog does not get used to only one and he will be constantly entertained.

Consider a few obedience or dog sport classes. Even if your dog knows his sits/downs/stays, that doesn't mean he can't improve or make and meet goals with you. Pick a bad habit your dog has, and make a goal to go to training together and work on it as a pack! Agility, flyball, earthdog, lure coursing, skijoring, and barnhunting can all be wonderful pack games to get into. Make a goal to seek these sports out and give them a try! Bonding with your dog during these sports is a great mind workout for them. Your dog wants to make you happy, and pleasing you makes for a tired friend.

Try some nose work with your dog. Grab a small handful of food and ask your dog to sit and stay while you hide the food around the house. Use a variety of locations; behind the couch, in the corner, out in the open. Then once your done, release your dog and ask him to find it! At first he will be unsure, but once he gets the hang of it he will love discovering this new game especially when he's being cheered on!

It's never a bad idea to be outside with a good game of fetch or a snowball toss. Jumping through the snow provides great cardio for our furry friends.

As always a dog walker is a fabulous way to get your dog exercised and relaxed for your arrival home. When they're used to a schedule, they eagerly anticipate our arrival and know it's playtime when we come by! At Preferred Pet Sitter we offer 30 minute dog walks for our clients during the week. Check out our services at . Give us a try and see the difference in your prized pup!


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